Guatemala Day 6

Today was a free day! We got to visit the shops and local vendors to see the sights a bit before heading Home on Tuesday. I wasn’t really in a shopping mood, but after working with everyone this week, it was nice to enjoy the tight bonds in a casual setting.

Waking up to kids in the orphanage one last time was fun too. Those kids are so hungry for love and its hard not to just pour it all out in abundance and then leave. I will miss their faces and giggles for sure.

Shopping and the Volcanoes were cool today! Antiqua was not like anything I’ve seen before. I felt so wanted walking by vendors and asking how much I’d pay. I felt like I could put up any amount of cash and get what I wanted. They did have good deals. I had to cut myself off at one point. It was nice walking into once shop and American worship music was playing. That was powerful to realize seeing that the lady working there spoke very little English.

Devos tonight were unbelievable! Each night this week has been a challenge from God in the call on our lives to seek Him, Find Him, Communicate with Him and Feed His People. Not just feed monetarily but with the Word of God.


We each have heard the word distractions this week. From the families in the homes we build to distractions during the Jesus Film and you can’t help but think about the distraction in your own life. As we head home, we each take away something different but last night we each had things in our lives that we needed to make sure we laid at the feet of Jesus in order to know that we have given Him EVERYTHING. There’s nothing He doesn’t want control of in our lives. To take over every room in the house, even the smelly closets, so that He is the master and we are the servant. Even when you think you’ve given it all to God, there is always more.

Being on a missions trip is God’s great way of removing the distractions and getting our attention but as we head back into our mission fields at home, What are we doing to stay focused on Him? What are we doing to feed His people? What are we doing to put ourselves into God’s word as we read and study it daily? These are all challenges we face without a missions trip to remind us but they are challenges no less. Being accountable to one another helps us as we lean on each other but ultimately WE CAN DO NOTHING WITHOUT GOD and complete and utter surrender to Him is how His Will and his Work gets done.



well here we are Monday morning preparing to go to Antigua for a little shopping and as Dan said last night fall back into our selfish attitudes of thinking about ourselves. I can only hope and pray that we will now see how totally meaningless the material things are.

It was another amazing day at our 2nd medical clinic yesterday as so many more lives were dedicated to Christ. Something that most of us never see at home but why is that? Do we really think that there is no need for Jesus Christ in our own neighborhoods? Or are we to embarressed to share what Jesus means to us? All questions that I ask myself. I need to remind myself daily that if I deny Christ He will also deny us.

I would ask that all would be in prayer for us tonight as we have our last devotion tonight. We will be challeged in ways that many of us never have been before and all of your prayers would truly be treasured. We have seen the amazing power of prayer at work this entire week and I hope all of you will ask us about everything that has happened here when we get back.Pray for us that we will be able to bring this experience home and be forever changed for the glory of God.

Guatemala Day 4

Oh my word! The kids in the Paradise Bound Orphanage are so cute. They just melt your hearts and make you wanna scoop them up and take them home. This is little girl Sophia has the best laugh. She just cackled today it lit up my day. There’s also a lil girl named Dolche that had hip surgery in January and has a cast on from the waist down. She was a premmy and then dropped as a baby so her cast will be off soon. She loved to be held today. It was amazing to watch her face light up. At one point, I had 4 kids on the floor playing they kept trying to feed me chocolate cereal. It was hilarious.

Then the rest of the day was filled up with playing games with kids and handing out medication at village about 2 hours away. Its hard to realize sometimes when you have WALGREENS at home and you can run and pick up something to feel better or make your kids well that not everyone has that. Some families suffer lil things in their life when seeing the medication in hand from Paradise Bound makes all the difference.

Once the games and meds were done, we showed the JESUS FILM and saw lots of people accept Jesus tonight. PRAISE GOD!

Each day we share our God sightings and I had a pretty big one today. During the JESUS movie there were 2 guys in the back. One was being a distraction to his friend and seemed to be making a mocker of the movie. So I just started to pray. Asking God to bring their hearts in tune with His. Well a few minutes later they BOTH left. I was bummed to say the least but then I started to ask God to work on their hearts after they left and for the Holy Spirit to bring at least on of them back. AND HE DID!!!
The best part is the guy accepted Jesus tonight and is changed forever. God is SO good! I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow.

It’s powerful to think about people NOT ever hearing about Jesus and then to see lives changed is what Radiating Christ is all about.

This trip for me could not have come at a better time. I’m being challenged to dig into the word more. To put myself in the scripture as I’m reading and finally getting something out of it like never before. I also am learning not to throw around the word love. I love pizza, I love music, I love sunsets. I wanna use it on things that are lasting and realizing just how much God wants to spend time with me daily. I look forward to that more each day. I came on this trip knowing it would be life changing. I’ve been on mission trips before and each trip changed me. This one has been NO different!

Finally a post

Finally able to post. After 2 days of building houses for the families in San Ramon we were able to dedicate the 5 houses that our team built plus 1 from a previous team. It was a long day but extremely rewarding as all of the people at the dedications that we built for plus the previous house accepted Jesus Christ as thier Savior. This was an amazing 3 days as relationships were made with the families, but then it was a rush to leave trying to beat the rain that was coming. Then today we went to our first medical clinic which was in a village of about 25 families. After getting to color and play and paint nails and give out gifts while the clinic was going on then it was time for the Jesus film to be shown and some singing by us and testimonies given. Then after Hermano Jesus presented the gospel and the alter call was given we were truly blessed to have everyone present come forward and say yes to Jesus Christ as thier Lord and Savior. It has been challenging for the team as well as we are asked to examine our own lives and our relationship with Christ and if we truly place Him first in our lives. We thank all of you who have been praying for us please continue as we have 1 more clinic tomorrow.